About Turf Mechanic Premium (TMP)

TMP is my premium course offering.

Although I have many hundreds of videos published online and many hundreds of free blog posts published the guides presented here on TMP are substantial works that target very specific goals that lawn-owners have.

These courses are designed for people that don’t want to know a single thing but rather a subset of “things” that when put together can result in a much greater accomplishment.

People online don’t search for the information presented here on TMP.

They search for basic stuff like what fertilizer to use, or when to kill weeds and with what.

Here on TMP I wanted to put together expended guides where I explain how to do greater things in the lawn.

These are multi-step procedures that get you from point A to point B significantly better than any other way.

Nobody asks “how do I make grass that is more resilient” but in the courses I publish here I want to answer that.

Nobody asks, “what makes a grass seed germinate and grow healthily” but in these courses I want to answer that.

Nobody asks, “what should you do throughout the year to have a great looking yard next season” but in these courses I want to answer that as well.

The goal of TMP is to take the questions that most people have about lawn care and expand on them. I want to answer the more important questions that most regular people don’t know to ask.

You can read more about me, Brian Mounts, your author and guide, right here.