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If you aren’t familiar with me, my name is Brian Mounts. I run the popular lawn care YouTube channel Turf Mechanic and the complimentary website

I have over 500 videos published on the main YouTube channel covering a ton of topics and there are hundreds more articles published on the main website.

Not only that but I also run the channels: Turf Mechanic Briefs, Turf Mechanic Vlogs, and Turf Mechanic Gardens.

Everything Here Will Speed Up Your Results & Give You Long-Lasting Effects!


  • Introduction To Lawn Care
  • Root Development
  • Seeding Perfectly
  • More Courses In Development


Info in this course is based on all my years and experience and will go far beyond what normal how-to guides found online have to say.


This is all freely included in the 500+ public videos and 300+ articles already online. The difference is you’ll save time finding everything you need all at once.

All information I have on lawn care I publish free to the world but it’s all fragmented and published for a casual audience. For those of you looking to get much deeper in your learning…or for those of you looking for very specific guides from start to finish on everything that you can do to get a desirable outcome on your lawn project then this is the place for you.

I’ve prepared a small series of deep-dive premium guides on lawns that should help line up all the pieces of the puzzle in order for you to put them together and implement your plan quickly and effectively.

All courses and documents on this website are only available to paying members of Turf Mechanic Premium though so you’ll have to buy a membership from the link below.

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And of course, free material can be found on and on the Turf Mechanic YouTube channel.